Balls or Brains

It is said that the gambling business is a balls and brains game. So much that an innovative brand like Betser uses “Balls and brains” as a game within the game. A person has to have the strong courage and the clever mind to see the potential where it can’t be seen. While some outsiders see luck as the main factor when winning with the sportsbook bets, experts show that discipline of the mind and research are the long term recipe for success. Following, a few tips and tricks to begin crafting the correct strategy for winning.

Focus on the Numbers, not the Emotions

A big part of the amateur bettors wager on certain teams because they are a fan or have some sort of emotional attachment. On the other hand, experts have cultivated the education to focus on the numbers rather than the weak, emotional side. This main difference sets the wall between winning and loss.

Even if a friend is telling you about a bet with outstanding winning results, look at the numbers first, and if you feel confident, place a bet. Never rely on second hand information and never place bets that you cannot afford, even if you are extremely confident about the result of the match.

Follow a Team or a Specific Sport

It is good to focus on the things you already know. Start with a sport that you know and try to define a strategy. Compare you research and your strategies with the ones experts are releasing. If you win, try to analyze the factors that drove you to it and keep applying them until you have a perfect strategy. If you lose, try to learn from it, so that the future will find you with improvements.

In addition, when you start betting on a certain league or games, you could watch certain game parts to spot tendencies and parts that could be of valuable information. Follow certain players and study their playing style.

Focusing on a certain type of bet might be a smart choice too. When you know every little aspect about a specific sport and follow a certain bet, winnings might start to be on your side.

Follow the News

You need to keep yourself informed with the news of the team or sport you follow. Aspects you never thought are important can influence even the favorites. One example is the 2014 NBA LA Clippers – Warriors match. Even if LA Clippers were favorites, with 48 hours before the game, the owner of the team made racial comments, which hit the first page of newspapers around the world. At that moment, many betting experts believed that the event would influence negatively the team’s performance. And indeed it did! They lost with 21 points to the Warriors. You might need a bit of courage to bet on the handicapped team, but the smaller the odds, the bigger the winnings.

Study the Betting Lines

The bet lines are the betting payouts a specific sportsbook offers for a certain event. Your chances of winnings increase when you find some irregularities in the betting system. If you have accounts on many betting sites, look for the match up problems between odds calculations. If you are able to spot and bet on these edges, you will rapidly start winning.

Check the Weather Report

Even if not all the sports analysts believe weather can influence the final score, there has been an article published by NFL, which states that winter weather influenced with 4% the expected outcomes of certain matches. The study implied outdoor games played between 2007 and 2011. Weather might not influence the performance of a certain team, but will for sure influence the ability of both teams to score points. These aspects are important in points total and point spread bets.